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Friday, June 05, 2009

Mobile Coupons at Dairy Queen

Interesting test which uses stick-on RFID tags at Dairy Queen, by Evan Schuman in Storefrontbacktalk, read the whole thing for other examples of the approach:

' ... For the last two weeks, consumers walking into the Dairy Queen in Rochester, Indiana, have been offered something beyond ice cream and hamburgers: A pile of identical tiny RFID tags, each with peel-off adhesive strips, sitting right next to the waffle cones.

But when those consumers return to that Dairy Queen with those tags stuck to their wallets, their watchbands or the back of their cellphones, identical those tags shall be no more. Given the differing purchase histories of each customer, the tags will deliver sharply different discounts and offers. In effect, the tags will serve as digital coupons as well as makeshift CRM/loyalty programs ... '
Herb Sorensen has further thoughts on this.

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Daniel Young said...

Very interesting post, didn't hear about this