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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cutting Funds for Libraries

Stan Dyck does a good post on the looming threat of cutting funds for Ohio libraries. A sign of the times. Though I have heard of a number of other things in the trillion dollar splurge that were less compelling.

I go to my local library several times a week and a notice about this was posted there yesterday. I am a big user of library services and inter library loan, so would hate to see this happen to a close-by branch. There is something much more social where 'everyone knows your name', than all online and glued to the screen. Librarians thinking of you when they see a new book, asking what you thought of this book or that. Asking you to give a talk on some subject.

Yet it is inevitable, it will all go to bits eventually. Libraries should look to selling their services to schools and even companies. ... Retirees from those companies with experience with their needs could innovate and staff the spaces to make them useful. Knowledge management spaces, virtual and brick and mortar to.

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