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Friday, June 19, 2009

New Neuroscience Blog

Looks to be interesting, I see the posts so far have considerable detail on marketing issues.

'We are pleased to announce the launch of Lucid Thoughts, a blog devoted to the intersection of neuroscience, social science, and the marketplace, at .

Lucid Thoughts is a forum for tracking and commenting on one of the most exciting – and some would say controversial – scientific developments of the new century, the commercialization of neuroscience, psychophysiology, and behavioral economics....

The driving philosophy behind Lucid Thoughts is scientific transparency. As we have watched our fledgling field emerge over the last few years, we have seen too many providers trying to sell “proprietary solutions” and “secret algorithms” that purportedly give their customers a direct peek into the “secret” thoughts and preferences of their consumers. The reality is much less sensational but, paradoxically, much more exciting.... '

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