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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Notes from the World Innovation Forum

Speakers notes from the recent World Innovation Forum, including those of my colleague Donna J. Sturgess: Building Brands through Emotion and Senses. A favorite topic of mine. Reading the rest now. Requires minimal registration. Via Valarie Bastek. This quote from Donna will be an increasing theme of this blog in the coming months:

' ... Companies only focused on serving 15 percent of their potential customer base would not be expected to become successful or remain solvent for very long, yet Donna Sturgess, global head of innovation at GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare asserts that marketers direct the bulk of their efforts on serving that small percentage that make rationally based buying decisions. The remaining 85 percent of consumers are led by their emotions, relying on a real or perceived feeling the product invokes. “Marketing needs to shift attention to emotions and motivators. Emotions are saturating buying decisions, and we need tounderstand that better ... '

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