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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kindle in Business

I have followed readers for a number of years now. tested the Sony. Never been completely impressed. A convenience at the beach perhaps, if you can read through the glare and don't get sand in it. Yet in a recent meeting someone whipped out a Kindle to answer a question about a quote I had mentioned and solved the question in half a minute. Do specialized readers mean we will achieve the paperless office? Why not just have it all on your smart phone?

I have the Kindle App on my Iphone, and it is fine, except for the screen size. Ordering is also a bit complicated if I want an answer right away. There is so much more on the Web, we have meta search there that can get you to anything. You can buy many books digitally online. Sounds like a couple of days of search training, like we had at the enterprise, would get you to the same place without lugging around another device.

BW has further thoughts. Very positive about the Kindle and its use in business.

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