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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Book on Tagging

I was involved in an automatic tagging project a while back and reviewed Tagging: People-powered Metadata for the Social Web by Gene Smith.

Now Understanding Folksonomy: Catalyzing Users to Enrich Information is a new book on the subject by Thomas Vander Wal, who is now at Infocloud Solutions. To be released on June 15.

' ... The notion of folksonomies, categorizations that bubble up from readers rather than taxonomies produced by experts, has been catching on slowly over the past few years. More recently, however, folksonomies and tagging seem to be growing very rapidly. Tag clouds now cover the horizon of thousands of web sites, and they operate at the heart of many Web 2.0 sites.Thomas Vander Wal understands how to create, use, and deploy folksonomies. He coined the word, but more than that, he's been helping businesses apply this technology to their projects for the last few years. He presents the formal understandings behind classification in more familiar web-based contexts, showing how to create more flexible structures that users wants to support ... '


library2.0 said...

but has it been released? i can't get it anywhere. Anyone else have this problem?

Franz Dill said...

Don't know, although it orignally was to be out on June 15, it is not out yet, and no date is given. I have it on pre-order and will let folks know when I get it.

library2.0 said...

Dear Frank,

I just recieved this from Foyles, whom I ordered the book from:-

I have chased up your order with our supplier today. Unfortunately they have informed me that this titles publication has been suspended, it is unlikely to be printed anytime in the near future. Therefore we are currently unable to obtain a copy for you.

Oh well, thats a real shame.