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Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Look at Google Squared

I mentioned this Google lab thing a while back. Google Squared. It is up now. You choose a name of a group of things and Google creates a table which contains the items it found in a search and attributes for each of the members of the group. Based on my short test it never seems to get a reasonably complete set of items for the group, or even the correct attribute values. 'Highest Mountains' appears to do a good job though 'English Kings' does not. You can save a table but there is no way to export the table to a data format to import it say into a spreadsheet. Intriguing idea. You can even start with a blank table and populate it. The attribute selection is a hint in the direction of a semantic Web. I have often tried to look up a list of things in Google or the Wikipedia, and this appears to be what Google Squared is attempting to automate. More at Blogoscoped.

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