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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Modiv Media Hand Held

At the recent FMI show we got to see some of the offerings of Modiv Media. Have had a fairly long technical relationship with the idea of consumer-driven handheld scanners in grocery. Tested the design and usage of these devices with real consumers in 2001 when Symbol was making a device that eventually was merged into Motorola.

Modiv Media, formerly MobileLime, picked up the delivery of these devices, in Stop & Shops in New England. They also purchased cart-display maker Cuesol, which we had also tested in realistic environments. They have also formed a strategic alliance with Fujitsu, which has also been looking at related offerings.

I had looked at previous tests, and much of the interest by shoppers was the ability to do pre-checkout in the aisle, minimizing waiting in line. The new version has more screen detail and color with a simple keyboard. Marketers would like to be able to communicate with the consumer and cross and up sell items in the aisle. This latter goal has not been universally proven, though many are still trying. Consumers have to be convinced this is of value to them. Compare also to previous post on Modstream.

Request: Would also love to hear from people who have experienced Modiv in a real store. Send me an e-mail (Franzdill the-atsign gmail.com) and I will publish your experiences here. Or I can set up an interview.

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