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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Games With a Purpose

I have been looking at a number of online 'games with a purpose' aka 'serious games' , especially how they can be related to more elaborate simulations ... Here is something new and related:
" ... Luis von Ahn and his team at Carnegie Mellon University have launched GWAP, a new web site for 'Games With A Purpose.' By playing these online games, humans help provide data for problems that are hard for computers to solve, such as computer vision and sound classification. Slashdot has previously covered other human computation projects by Dr. von Ahn, including the ESP Game and reCAPTCHA. The new web site contains a re-vamping of the ESP Game as well as four completely new games." ...
Mentioned in the BBC. Note this is about getting data from people, somewhat different from playing complex games to achieve process solutions, but there is a useful connection.

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