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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beyond Blogs

Business Week has updated its much-read 2005 'Blogs Will Change Your Business' article with a new post: Beyond Blogs. Apparently the old post was still getting top exposure three years later. The bottom line: They don't believe the blog bubble will burst, but different kinds of social technologies, that are less publishing and more conversation are taking over. So Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIN and Twitter are getting most of the buzz these days. I am still skeptical that the new resume can be '140 characters long', referring to the Twitter message length limit.

Companies, IBM and BT get good mentions, are seeing the value of linking into both internal and external networks in new ways. I started my internal company blog in 2003, and though it and dozens of others were widely read, they did not start broad conversations. Now it remains to be seen if social networking capabilities will start these profitable conversations both in and through the firewalls of (non technology) companies. The BW article is a good overview and update for this domain.

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