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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Smell of the Book

Ann Althouse discusses the sensory aspects of electronic books. Includes the new, much-praised Kindle. Have not tried that one, but did explore several earlier attempts at the service. All somewhat less than satisfying. Although I don't usually notice the aroma of books, (subliminally?) unless they are very old, she presents several smell-sensory quotes. Obviously I do read lots online, but if it's more than a few pages, and I need to read the whole thing, I usually print out the text. Just easier on the eyes. I can then also read the text in alternate venues, which makes me believe I am not always in front of the glowing screen. I have dreamed of a book reader that I could carry about, that would deliver my obscure tastes, that could link wirelessly to supporting Web resources, that would adapt contrast and text size to fit my needs. Aroma was not there on the list, not yet. The comments above, were about a longer, good NYRB essay: The Library in the New Age.
Another example of scent dynamics.

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