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Monday, April 21, 2008

Simpler Digital Cart

The idea of putting some sort of display on a shopping cart has been around for some time. As part of my role running innovation centers I have seen a number of them demonstrated. The aim is to be able to talk to shoppers directly, with just the right message at just the right time. The problem is that most shoppers are not interested in lengthy interactions in front of the shelf. Retailers are not interested in complex devices that are costly to maintain and load with ads. Of all the devices I have seen, the Modstream idea, pictured here and mentioned below, is the most compelling. Not because it can show 60 second video ads on a screen, it cannot, but because it gives simple messages to shoppers, alerting them to what's happening in the store of value to them. It's also cheap to maintain, and can be managed remotely. It's good to keep it simple.

From GDR Creative Intelligence:

"Digital shopping trolley ...
Retailers in the US using this new type of shopping cart, which displays text ads on a small screen on the handle, have reported a 35% increase in sales of featured products. Co-ordinated promotional messages can be set to run on trolleys across an entire chain of stores, and can easily be altered to review new products or offer discount alerts. Manufacturer: Modstream (www.modstream.com) ... "

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