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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Amazon vs WalMart Sales

In Wired: Intriguing comparison between Walmart and Amazon.   An indicator for the future?  Pointing to new Walmart activities:  " ... Walmart recently reported net sales of more than $466 billion for its fiscal year 2013, which ended January 31. At its current growth rate of 5 percent, the company still won’t reach a half-trillion next year. That sluggish curve is clearly one reason the Arkansas-based company has started devoting so much time and attention to its Silicon Valley operations. Headquartered just south of San Francisco, Walmart.com is heavily recruiting tech talent. And in some ways its investment is starting to pay off. The company’s wide-ranging experiments in “clicks-and-mortar” retail have put it at the forefront of merging online, offline and mobile commerce.,, " 

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