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Thursday, December 09, 2021

Using Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) Outside the Art Word to Science: LAB Gallery

Connected briefly with Foresight.  Below quite interesting, taking NFT's from the art world to other kinds of creation.  If NFTs work then they can be used for any kind of creation that is described in a complex way. Interesting in seeing Foresight involved in this, they were formerly mostly in nanotech, which we experimented with. . Or is this the play? here? Examining.

Foresight's LAB Gallery Sells NFTs to Support Science  

By Foresight Institute, December 8, 2021

Jonathan Monaghan's Enoptomancer NFT

Bidding for Jonathan Monaghan's NFT created for LAB Gallery opened at 0.3 ETH (US$1,287.18).

The Foresight Institute has launched LAB Gallery, a digital platform that sells artists' NFTs to philanthropists to support scientists and technologies.  Users can bid on and acquire new non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with proceeds going to the development of transformative technologies.

The LAB is a "purpose driven digital art gallery" that connects "technology innovators, digital creators, and philanthropic collectors to steer together towards grand outcomes." Sales will support nanotechnology, biotechnology, computer science, machine learning, and cryptography, the LAB says. The NFTs "provide a unique piece of collectible art as proof of support."

From Foresight Institute

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