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Friday, December 10, 2021

DDos Attack Protection

 Useful piece.  More at the link. 

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Protection from DDoS Attacks – And Why It Is Useless, By Medium.com, December 9, 2021

DDoS is a type of internet attack capable of disrupting anything from a phone booth to the Pentagon for those unfamiliar with the subject. A total of 5,351,930 DDoS attacks were recorded in Q1 2021 alone. The average attack duration was 50 minutes, representing a 31% increase.

Network engineers (like ourselves) and security engineers are responsible for defending against such attacks.Our company is mainly a developer of apps for entertainment. Until recently, there was simply no need for network expertise as such in the company.

It was some coincidence that right before my first working day, the company had been subjected to a tsunami DDoS attack (evidently as a result of some people fighting in the meme comments).

Even more surprising was the fact that the team managed to deflect the blow without any third-party assistance despite lacking any real expertise in resisting attacks like these. Regardless, we had to jump in and investigate what had happened and how to prevent it from occurring again.

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