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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

NVIDIA Jetson Does Home Assistance

 Interesting direction.  General availability for test?

Jetson Project of the Month: Automate Your Household Duties with NVIDIA Jetson and DeepStack

The holidays should be a time for relaxation, and with NVIDIA Jetson technology, you can do just that. The latest Jetson Project of the Month comes from a developer who has created ways to simplify home automation projects, using a combination of DeepStack, Home Assistant, and NVIDIA Jetson. 

Robin Cole, a senior data scientist at Satellite Vu with a background in physics, developed this project. He has a passion for problem solving using data and Python. Cole’s main activities on GitHub involve the practical application of machine learning. 

As he notes on his GitHub profile: “I have a number of personal projects around training and deploying neural networks on edge devices such as the Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano.”

In his spare time, he is actively involved in two community projects: Home Assistant and DeepStack AI, and is exploring ways to combine the two technologies. Cole’s Jetson project integrates DeepStack object and face detection and recognition services into the popular home automation platform Home Assistant.  ... ' 

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