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Monday, December 06, 2021

Tool Predicts Where Coronavirus Binds to Human Proteins

Computational tool for predicting binding sites.

Tool Predicts Where Coronavirus Binds to Human Proteins

Cornell Chronicle, Krishna Ramanujan, November 29, 2021

Cornell University researchers have developed a computational tool for predicting binding sites on the surfaces of human and COVID-19 viral proteins. A user-friendly Web server also provided by the tool’s developers shows all protein structures, so virologists and clinicians can determine whether current drugs, or those under development, will bind to them. "The tool we developed to predict protein-to-protein interfaces is the most accurate, and we can use it to make the most informed predictions for any interactions," said Cornell's Haiyuan Yu. Yu added that the tool also provides structural models for predicting how genetic mutations to proteins in individuals potentially impact viral interactions.


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