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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Quantum Computing Error Correction

Error correction in context  is key.

Milestone in Quantum Computing With Error Correction

By SciTechDaily, December 20, 2021

Scientists at Dutch quantum computing research institute QuTech have integrated high-fidelity operations on encoded quantum data with a scalable framework for repeated data stabilization, a key milestone in the development of quantum error correction.

The resulting logical quantum bit (qubit) features seven physical qubits or superconducting transmons.

QuTech's Jorge Marques said, "We do three types of logical-qubit operations: initializing the logical qubit in any state, transforming it with gates, and measuring it. We show that all operations can be done directly on encoded information. For each type, we observe higher performance for fault-tolerant variants over non-fault-tolerant variants."

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