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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Seismic Sensors Data Science

 Seismic sensing   and data capture and analysis also an area to watch.

Researchers Weave Optical Fibers into Seismic Sensors Science

Science, Paul Voosen, December 9, 2021

Researchers at Switzerland's ETH Zurich used a fiber optic cable extended to a volcano in Iceland to study its interior fluctuations and eruptions. They tapped the fiber with an "interrogator" box that sends a laser pulse and records the pattern of reflections coming back from defects along the cable. This method allows the researchers to generate an image of a passing seismic wave at a distance of 100 kilometers or more. Researchers across the globe are laying fiber optic cables on glaciers, volcanoes, permafrost, and earthquake fault zones due to their low cost, ruggedness, and density. Such fiber has enabled researchers to find previously unknown earthquake faults, study the interior workings of volcanoes and the movements of glaciers and avalanches, and detect shifting pressures from ocean tides and currents.

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