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Saturday, December 04, 2021

Simpler Quantum Computer Design

Simplicity is good.

Stanford Engineers Propose Simpler Design for Quantum Computers

Stanford News, McKenzie Prillaman, November 29, 2021

Stanford University engineers have proposed a simpler design for quantum computers by harnessing a laser to manipulate an atom and alter photonic states through quantum teleportation. The atom can be recalibrated and reused for numerous quantum gates, which renders multiple distinct physical gates unnecessary. The design includes a storage ring to hold several counter-propagating photons, while a scattering unit manipulates photonic quantum bits (qubits). Since any quantum logic gate can be compiled into a series of operations performed on the atom, quantum programs of any size can be run on a single atomic qubit. Stanford's Ben Bartlett said in this design, changing programs only requires giving the machine "a different set of instructions."

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