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Monday, November 08, 2021

Wal-Mart Now Doing Driverless Delivery

My connections say that qualified drivers are very hard to get.  Which may push driverless adoption hard. Wal-Mart use will also likely push the industry's use.

Gatik’s self-driving trucks are now making driverless deliveries for Walmart in Arkansas in TechCrunch

Autonomous vehicle startup Gatik has reached a new milestone in its partnership with Walmart and within the industry.

Gatik said Monday it has pulled the safety operator from behind the wheel of two self-driving box trucks that operate in Walmart’s home turf of Bentonville, Arkansas. This means the startup’s box trucks are driverless on a commercial route — a first for the industry, according to Gatik CEO and co-founder Gautam Narang.

Gatik has taken a different approach from other competitors in the autonomous vehicle sector. The Palo Alto-based startup isn’t targeting consumers. Instead, Gatik uses its autonomous trucks to shuttle groceries and other goods from large distribution centers to retail locations. Gatik, which came out of stealth in 2019, has been shuttling goods for Walmart in Arkansas and Louisiana, and for Loblaw Companies Limited in Ontario, Canada.  .... '

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