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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Developers are Better with Automation

 Will have to deal with this as automation progresses. How about the influence on say the security of the code being written?

Developers Are Better With Automation and Reusable


Developers Are Better With Automation and Reusable Code, Report Says

By Tech Republic. November 18, 2021

Software teams are changing their coding processes to fit the new dynamics of remote work, according to GitHub's 2021 State of the Octoverse. That means reusing code, embracing automation, and getting better at documentation. The research combines telemetry from more than 4 million repositories and a survey of about 12,000 developers.

Automating software delivery is important to open source work and helps teams go faster at scale, the research found. Teams that use Actions "merge almost 2x more pull requests per day than before (61% increase) and they merge 31% faster," the report says. Automation helps teams communicate better and more clearly, which also helps build a better culture, according to the report.

Reuse is another key to make the development process go faster with performance increasing up to 87%. Reuse also helps open source projects with double the performance improvement compared to processes that are slow or have multiple approval layers.

Investing in documentation was found to have a direct impact on productivity. The research found that documentation gives developers a 50% increase in productivity.

From Tech Republic

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