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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Predicting Jet Engine Stability

Passing this along to my former colleagues at GE who may have comment, I am sure they already know of this simulation research. 

Tool Can Detect Precursor of Engine-Destroying Combustion Instability

By Tokyo University of Science (Japan), November 23, 2021

Combustion engines, like those in aircrafts, are at risk of fatal damage by a phenomenon called "combustion oscillations," where pressure fluctuations inside the engine become large.

Researchers at Japan's Tokyo University of Science (TUS) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have designed a tool for detecting a precursor of thermoacoustic combustion oscillation, which damages combustion engines.

The researchers performed combustion experiments with varying fuel flow rates in a staged multisector combustor from JAXA, and fed the resulting data to a support vector machine (SVM) algorithm.

The SVM classified the combustion as stable, transitional, and combustion oscillations; the transitional state's pressure fluctuations are crucial to forecasting future combustion oscillations.

TUS' Hiroshi Gotoda said, "The methodology combining dynamical systems theory and machine learning can be useful for detecting predictive combustion oscillations in multisector combustors, such as those in aircraft engines."  Full article.

From Tokyo University of Science (Japan)

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