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Friday, November 12, 2021

Need of Authentication

Key security component is doing this well.

Why Strong Digital Identity Authentication Is More Important Than Ever


79% of organizations experienced an identity-related breach within the past two years alone. And 85% of cybercriminals accessed critical systems and data using stolen credentials. These numbers are a frightening wake-up call that all organizations are targets –regardless of size, market, or industry– and that bad actors are constantly looking for new ways to exploit and breach your company. 

Particularly over the past couple of years, the rise of new technologies and new ways of working has significantly expanded the playing field for cybercriminals. Here’s why:

Security practices are outdated: While most business now takes place outside the four walls of the office via cloud, SaaS, mobile and IoT, many organizations are still focused on securing the perimeter – an approach that can’t scale to support today’s highly distributed workforce and the cloud-based applications they need to access to be productive. 

Ecosystems are more dynamic and complex: Every person within your ecosystem – employees, partners and customers – is a target for cybercriminals looking to steal credentials and gain access to critical systems or information. Those players within your ecosystem likely don’t always follow password and security best practices. But, it is your responsibility to monitor and verify their identity authenticity at all times.

Security, Operations and IT Teams are overwhelmed: The rapid shift to a mostly remote workforce created a spike in required credentials, with more people needing access to critical business systems, platforms and channels via multiple devices. Today’s security and IT teams are overwhelmed and, admittedly, far less optimistic about their abilities to secure employee identities.

Take control with proactive, intelligence-led identity fraud detection

Identity protection plays a critical role within an overall security strategy, which is why 80% of organizations have increased their focus on identity security over the past year. While you can’t stop cybercriminals from attempting an attack, you can outsmart, outmaneuver and stop them with the right solutions, processes and policies in place. With an intelligence-driven approach to identity fraud prevention, you can proactively defend your organization against identity compromises in real time and take action before damage to the business is done. ... ' 

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