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Saturday, November 27, 2021

How to Find Hidden Spy Cameras with a Smartphone

How to Find Hidden Spy Cameras with a Smartphone

By Help Net Security, November 24, 2021

How it works. 

During the scan process, the Time-of-Flight sensor emits laser pulses and captures the reflected light off of an object and its surroundings. Hidden cameras embedded in objects reflect incoming laser pulses at a higher intensity than its surroundings, a result of lens-sensor retro-reflection.

Scientists at the National University of Singapore and South Korea's Yonsei University developed a smartphone application that can find tiny spy cameras concealed in everyday objects, using smartphones' time-of-flight (ToF) sensor.

The researchers said the Laser-Assisted Photography Detection (LAPD) app spots hidden cameras better than commercial camera detectors, and much better than the human eye.

The app, which works on any smartphone handset equipped with a time of flight (ToF) sensor, can only scan a single object at a time, and requires about a minutes to scan that object.

The researchers said the app could be made more accurate by taking advantage of the handset’s flashlight and RGB cameras.

From Help Net Security

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