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Monday, May 21, 2018

Sharepoint Virtual Reality

We experimented with similar ideas.  How do you immerse yourself in messy data?   In information architecture.   We never thought of Sharepoint as a place to start, though we were an MS shop with lots of data of many kinds there.   But will the employee be willing to pick up the headgear, and will that add enough of an engagement to make it worth it?    Maybe if it were complex data we need to navigate?  There will be a gallery of templates to start with, lets see where that takes us.

Microsoft turns SharePoint into the simplest VR creation tool yet
SharePoint spaces is like the PowerPoint of Mixed Reality.

By Devindra Hardawar, @devindra in Engadget

Microsoft is sticking with its pragmatic approach to VR with SharePoint spaces, a new addition to its collaboration platform that lets you quickly build and view Mixed Reality experiences. It's a lot like how PowerPoint made it easy for anyone to create business presentations. Sharepoint spaces features templates for things like a gallery of 3D models or 360-degree videos, all of which are viewable in Mixed Reality headsets (or any browser that supports WebVR). While they're certainly not complex virtual environments, they're still immersive enough to be used for employee training, or as a quick virtual catalog for your customers.  .... " 

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