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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Blockchain for Advertising?

Let's Try to See Clearly on Blockchain for Advertising  

Blockchain is simply too slow to work for the real-time aspects of our programmatic trading world, Jaisimha Muthegere writes.

By Jaisimha Muthegere in Adage

The release of the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Blockchain for Video Advertising white paper has the digital ad industry abuzz. The emerging technology, best known for powering cryptocurrencies, is apparently coming to save us! Forget that much of the conversation last year revolved around AI as the solution to our transparency and fraud woes. Now, we see a raft of claims that it's blockchain, with decentralized power and public ledgers, that will reinvent financial systems and disrupt every industry, including advertising.

Much like the talk of AI, today's conversation around blockchain includes a good amount of hyperbole. Still, today's wishful thinking is driving tomorrow's solutions, so it's worth toning down the enthusiasm to see where the real potential of blockchain for advertising lies. .... " 

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