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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Individually Zapping Weeds

Its even suggested that these AI driven,  weed recognizing machines are being scaled down for home use.   The snide comment about feeling for the pesticide company (really more about herbicides) should also be copied to starving people, who should also benefit.

Mind and Machine
Weed-wacking robots are a threat to plants and the pesticide industry    By Melissa Locker in Fast Company

It’s pretty hard to feel bad for the $100 billion pesticide industry, but according to Reuters, it’s feeling scared. The monster under its bed? Weed-wacking robots that use artificial intelligence to individually decimate wayward plants.

This plant-by-plant weed-killing approach is a threat to the business models of companies like Monsanto, which has invested a great deal in developing genetically modified (GM) crops. Those crops are resistant to Monsanto’s weedkiller Roundup, which can then be sprayed over entire fields, laying to waste everything but the GM plants.

Solar-powered, AI-driven robots like the one created by EcoRobotix, which Reuters describes as looking like “a table on wheels,” can roll through fields and blast individual plants, reducing the need for both GM crops and herbicides. Per Reuters, EcoRobotix claims its weed-wacking robots will decrease total herbicide use by a factor of 20. ... "

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