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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Simple Sales Conversations with Considerable Profit

If we consider a conversation to be of multiple interactions,  and using multiple channels, the object of the seller is to maximize your returns, over this and often future interactions.   Conversations might include marketing of many kinds,  human tastes, advertising signage and the complete context of how and when a sale is made.  Now with the placenent of assistants in the home and elsewhere, we have the opportunity to manage conversations in completely new ways.

This Inc article shows a specific example, of how the US fast food company 'Burger King' uses this to maximize profit and loyalty.    The article is entitled " How does Burger King make a 240 percent  profit when you say Yes to this quick question".    So here is at least one question in a multi-turn conversation.  Not criticizing Burger King here,  but noticing elements of conversation that influence.

Burger King Makes a 240% Profit When You Say "Yes" to this Quick Question
This brilliant pricing scheme extorts huge margins while simultaneously increasing customer loyalty. ....  In Inc by Geoffrey James, Contributing editor, Inc.com@Sales_Source  .... " 

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