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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mycroft Virtual Assistant Advances to Developers

Mycroft, an always listening virtual assistant:

An artificial Intelligence for everyone?

Challenging to Amazon Echo, Siri, Cortana ...

In Kickstarter development.

Their FAQ addresses some of the questions.

And Blog.

Apr 4, 2016  
Saturday was monumental. We shipped our very first Kickstarter Early Bird Hardware Dev Kit. These dev kits are the alpha Mycrofts ordered by the developers who are helping to make Mycroft a reality. (photo credit Zach Spears) We want to send a big  ... " 
Isn’t Mycroft just a clone of Amazon’s Echo?
Echo is a great product, but Mycroft has a lot of additional features. Mycroft doesn’t lock you into an “ecosystem”. The platform is open source, so you can access a wide variety of data sources. Mycroft also has more input and output options. It has USB, HDMI, RCA and access to the 40 pin Raspberry  Pi 2 GPIO bus. ... " 

Also an interview in Startland.

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