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Friday, April 15, 2016

Media Services Getting Smarter

A continuing trend.  Intelligence can consist of including higher level services.  But these have to be correct and consistent under varying data contexts.  That last part is probably the hardest thing to achieve.  Contexts can be many things:  Industry, customer demographics, history of interaction ... and more.   Consider too the implications of of error varying under each context as well.  Note the mention of 'workflows' below, that also has the potential of specifying context.

Microsoft is bringing automatic video summarization, Hyperlapse, OCR and more to Azure Media Services
Azure Media Services, Microsoft’s collection of cloud-based tools for video workflows, is about to get a lot smarter. As the company announced at the annual NAB show in Las Vegas today, Media Services will now make use of some of the tools Microsoft developed for its machine learning services for video, as well. ... "

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