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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Shelf Scanning Robotics

A little scary in the aisles.  We sought to re purpose security cameras to do this kind of thing.  Also crowdsourced the governance of shelves with cameras. Note the analytics and auditing mentions.

Robot Makes Sure Stores Don’t Run Out of Doritos
A shelf-scanning bot called Tally will help make sure everything is in its place in supermarkets and other retail outlets. ...   The robot, developed by a startup called Simbe Robotics, is the latest effort to automate some of the more routine work done in millions of warehouses and retail stores. It is also an example of the way robots and AI will increasingly take over parts of people’s jobs rather than replacing them. ... " 

" ... Introducing Tally ... The World's First Fully Autonomous  ... Shelf Auditing & Analytics Solution .. " 

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