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Friday, November 20, 2015

Analytics for Innovation

Via former colleague Julie Anixter:

Kobi Gershoni great piece on why Product Developers need to read the external signals  .... 

" ... How can you use big data to increase your chances of success at the fuzzy front-end through big data analytics? At the recent IE Product Innovation Summit in Boston, we shared our firm’s learnings to date and showed how it can work in a case study on Keurig.* (*Keurig is not a Signals’ client and all research is Signals’ own for demonstration purposes.)

There is tremendous potential for strategic insights to be derived from external big data – yet most data science remains in the proverbial lab and is not made actionable for decision makers. Our goal was to harness the power of external big data to produce high-level business insights that are immediately actionable for business leaders.  ... " 

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