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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Voice to Text Using Siri

On voice to text using Siri, just examined.

" .... Beause people like leaving voicemails but don't like listening to them, Apple is reportedly looking at using its digital personal assistant Siri to provide voice-to-text service via iCloud Voicemail. The service could launch sometime in 2016.

Siri, which made its debut with the iPhone 4S in 2011, is an intelligent assistant technology that lets users ask questions and give voice commands to their iOS devices. Other such assistants include Microsoft Relevant Products/Services's Cortana and Google's Google Now.

The company's employees have apparently been testing "a new kind of voicemail service," Business Insider reported today, citing sources knowledgeable about Apple's Siri developments. The service would allow users to direct incoming calls to Siri instead of their regular iCloud Voicemail services; Siri would then answer the calls, transcribe the callers' messages and text the resulting messages to the users.  ... " 

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