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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Microsoft Believes Data Science will become Tailored, Automated.

More on the topic of automating data science.  Utilizing cognitive and AI advisory functions that are intelligent.   Agree, but there will continue to be need for more tailored and exploratory expertise.  See tag below for many more examples I have covered.

Why Microsoft’s data chief thinks machine-learning tools are like tailored shirts .... A marketplace for intelligent APIs will bring 'mass production' to machine learning and data science

When Microsoft's data chief thinks about the future, he sees a world where developers create applications that leverage machine learning and predictive analytics without the help of a data scientist.

Joseph Sirosh, the corporate vice president in charge of Microsoft's Data group, likens the state of machine-learning tools to an age decades ago when people bought tailored shirts. In a similar way that mass manufacturing now lets people grab a shirt off the rack, he says a similar transition is coming to application development.  ... " 

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