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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Service Innovation Revisited

Repeating the below introduction, giving a talk to them next week, more to follow about that. I am further struck how much this has to do with cognitive/advisory tasks.  It is all about service: Performing tasks in time with available resources.  All this is developed with up to date, accurate domain knowledge, learned or derived from sensors.   It is Cognitive, expert systems or AI if you like.

' ... Newly brought to my attention:  ISSIP:  Providing Service Innovation for our Interconnected World: " ... Service innovations improve the quality-of-life of individuals and the wealth of institutions, from businesses to nations that are increasingly dominated by service revenues and economics. Advances in information technology and policy support the rapid scaling of new service innovations in health, education, government, finance, hospitality, retail, communications, transportation, energy, utilities; even in advanced agricultural and manufacturing systems viewed as socio-technical systems, in which community-oriented recycling behaviors improve the economics, sustainability, and resilience of these human-serving systems. ... "     https://twitter.com/The_ISSIP ... '

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