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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Understanding the Face of Emotion

Determining emotion from facial images. A long term research and innovation interest.  Here news of a September talk in Edge HeadCon.  The introductory piece also has some interesting details.  Is this breaching the last outpost of privacy?

" ... My name is Lawrence Ian Reed. I’m a Clinical and Evolutionary Psychologist over at Skidmore College. Today I want to talk about facial expression of emotion, and a question that’s been gnawing at me for probably six or seven years. We've got some answers, and I’m excited to talk to you guys about what they are.

The first questions that I asked about facial expression were "how" questions: How do our facial expressions change when we’re feeling depressed or when we’ve got bipolar disorder, or when we’re being deceptive? I don’t ask those questions any more for a couple reasons. One is that the questions I’m asking now are much more interesting. The other reason is that I felt satisfied with a lot of the answers. I’m going to review some of those questions and talk about how they led up to the questions that I’m asking now, and we’ll see what you guys think about what I have to say. ... " 

More interesting details at the link.

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