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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mail Re-Imagined in Verse

Today from IBM.   Mail that understands you ... Imagine email that works for you instead of email that makes you work. .... Guided by analytics, IBM Verse learns your behaviors to adapt to the way you work, wherever you work. And because it's built for business, it understands you have special security and privacy needs, too. ... " .

You can sign up now.  It describes this as an analytics, not a cognitive App.  Which surprises me. But the classic cognitive function, learning,  is mentioned.

" ... Less clutter, more clarity ... Move to a bright place far beyond the mess of senders, subjects and folders.

With built-in intelligence and a user-first, user-tested design, IBM Verse offers a faster, better way to manage your communications across devices, organize inbound and outbound information, and focus on what you need most. ... " 

All good thoughts.  Would like to try, though for a heavy user changing your E-mail system can be a considerable task.  So many links between documents, contacts, mail, groups, applications.  Link to video demo.  Press release.

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