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Monday, November 17, 2014

Context for Evernote

Have now used the Evernote note taking and information management system for years.  I like it, especially since they improved their multiple interfaces.  It also acts as a cloud for your writing from multiple devices.  I see they have just added a module called Context, which automatically does a search (on limited sources) based on the information you are entering.  More on Context.

Had examined this idea in the enterprise.  Once called a 'remembrance engine', which would augment your memory based on stored information.  In the enterprise it could be particularly useful since it could quickly point to internal information:  Local definitions, your previous writing, other people people writing about the same thing, local experts, etc.  Ideally making your composition more efficient, and interlinked with related knowledge.  In theory it could create a 'wiki' of corporate knowledge.  The AI required to do this effectively would be impressive.

How well does Context work?   It is often all in the implementation.  Will report back after I try it. Some commenters suggest this is a ploy to get associated advertising in front of the users.   Others worry about the privacy implications of your text being analyzed by the system, and the difficulty of turning Context off, separately on each device.

Update:  The content given is thin, unclear when I should expect some information.   Unclear if the results will remain attached to a document, or if I have to save or pin them.  Results on different platforms seem to be very different.  In some cases where I know there is a very relevant article on one of the sources, it is not brought up.   So far: Fair.

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