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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Optimizing Business Process

Rexamining a company, Charlotte Software Systems.  We had worked with their CEO Kevin Kostuik, when he and other people there worked with former component BiosGroup and then NuTech.  The company was bought by Netezza, which was then folded into IBM.    Charlotte is now an independent company.  We used some of their methods to address genetic and optimization solutions to such problems as project portfolio analysis, supply chain design and product development investment.   Worth a look.  Will  report more here as I can.  Pass me any experiences you have had.

   " ... Charlotte Software Systems specializes in cutting-edge optimization software to support enhanced tactical and strategic planning. Our systems can help optimize a number of complex business processes from large scale resource scheduling to strategic asset allocation. ...The foundation for our solutions is a powerful modeling and optimization platform upon which we capture the intricate details of your specific business process. Our solutions are delivered with attractive user interfaces which allow business specialists an intuitive way to manage their process. The resulting application is precisely tuned to fit your business while leveraging a proven platform of advanced optimization technologies. ... " 

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