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Friday, December 07, 2012

The Neuro Challenge for Marketing


Contemporary marketing is constantly subject to challenges generated by the evolution of market relations. Promoting the holistic conception in marketing determines new theoretical and practical urges in the field. The article shapes conceptual aspects of this new challenge, i.e. neuromarketing. In the context of developing neuroscience - in general – and of neuroeconomy - particularly – one analyzes the main viewpoints of the specialized literature regarding this new field of knowledge. The new border science or simply the management tool in behavioral researches is the key question that authors are confronted with. Investigation techniques used by neuromarketing are subject to a comparative analysis, from the viewpoint of their applications in marketing research. The ideas of the study are completed by examples on applicative issues and the ethics issue in neuromarketing. By causing changes in the physical aspect of marketing researchers, the new field opens a new path to accessing, in depth, the buyer’s behavioral decision mechanism.

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