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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What is Your Data Telling You?

HP's Saum Mathur:
"... For many data scientists, innovation is just out of reach. They might have massive data stores, rich with potential business insights, but their reporting system can’t unlock them. “Traditional reporting systems are good at giving information about what happened in my business yesterday, but they’re not good at nearly real-time or predictive analytics,” says Saum Mathur, CIO of HP Software. “They can’t really tell me what customers are thinking today or how I can improve my business tomorrow. To innovate and keep an organization moving in the right direction, that’s just not enough.” This waste of a big data opportunity is a crossroads for information management executives, who must rally their organizations around the pressing need for business intelligence agility. Those who use next-generation analytics tools to transform the business and improve the bottom line will succeed.. .. " 

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