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Monday, December 17, 2012

Generating and Selling Books and Content

An article on book generation.  I have been involved for a few years book selling and auction systems, so this approach constructed by a professor at INSEAD to generate and even pre-generate books for sale on Amazon was most interesting.   The connection to automated content generation through AI intelligence techniques mirrors some of our own work.    Food for much more thought, the article contains a video that explains this in more detail:

Patented Book writing system creates, sells, hundreds of thousands of books on Amazon:

Philip M. Parker, Professor of Marketing at INSEAD Business School, has had a side project for over 10 years. He’s created a computer system that can write books about specific subjects in about 20 minutes. The patented algorithm has so far generated hundreds of thousands of books. In fact, Amazon lists over 100,000 books attributed to Parker, and over 700,000 works listed for his company, ICON Group International, Inc. This doesn’t include the private works, such as internal reports, created for companies or licensing of the system itself through a separate entity called EdgeMaven Media. ...  Parker is not so much an author as a compiler, but the end result is the same: boatloads of written works. ... "

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