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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Indoor Mapping

We experimented first with kiosk based store floor maps, then with the advent of the simplest smart phone delivered directions to shoppers to allow them find a product.  Now the emergence of the precise indoor map has led to new ways for the shopper to understand where they are and where products that they need are.  This PopAI article describes a good example of how this can work today.  Mapping, location finding and directional help in doors is here.  To the right an example display:

 " ... Indoor mapping: a retail myth, up until now. Meridian, a Portland, Oregon-based mobile software company is seeking to change that, all with the help of magical, pulsing blue dot. The company recently announced that their “glowing blue dot” feature was being prepped for a beta test in Macy’s 150,000 square-foot flagship store in New York City. The turn-by-turn navigation system at Macy’s was one of three beta-test locations, and Macy’s was the first major retailer to grab the new tech tight and resolve to never let go–in other words, to innovate their brick-and-mortar model through implementing the technology.... " 

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