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Friday, December 07, 2012

Food Network Starts an Analytical Partnership

With my food and retail background and interests I found an interesting mention in this AdAge article.  It is rare to see plays regarding the food industry using analytical methods.  The article describes how Food Genius is partnering with the Food network.  What do they do?  " .... pitched a vision of using big data to make all of Food Network's digital properties smarter, creating a more personally-relevant experience for consumers looking for recipes, ingredients or restaurants. The Chicago-based company closed a $1.2 million financing round in July with funding from Hyde Park Venture Partners, New World Ventures, Amicus Capital and IDEO ... "    " ... Using Food Genius Reports, you can explore ingredient trends and discover deep context about how those ingredients, as well as preparation methods, and sensory language are utilized with the most comprehensive database of restaurant menus ... " 

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