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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Accelerating the Speed of Intelligence for Fast and Flexible Results

More on flexible and quick forecasting  From  A report prepared by CFO Research Services in collaboration with SAP:  September 2011.  " ... Accelerating the Speed of Intelligence for Fast and Flexible Forecasting Engaging the business for better results Confronting a stubbornly volatile global economy, the finance leaders at many major corporations have been driven to rethink their well-established processes for plan-ning, budgeting, and forecasting. Their goal: to infuse those practices with increased flexibility, enabling the finance function to detect—and capture—marketplace realities that seemingly can change daily. By surfacing such issues quickly, companies have the chance to address them before they grow into full-blown crises that can only be addressed effectively, if at all, by costly compensatory action. For this report, CFO Research Services conducted in-depth interviews at companies that are focusing on overhauling their entire planning, budgeting, and forecasting systems. We interviewed six CFOs and senior finance executives from three different regions of the world: Asia: Olam International (Singapore), PT Tigaraksa Satria, Tbk (Indonesia) Europe: BP Lubricants (UK), Atlas Copco (Sweden) United States: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Under Armour ....

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