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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

TagWhat Notifies

Some time ago I was introduced to TagWhat, and have written about it a number of times.   About to be reintroduced, now including notifications.  It is a method for retrieving and organizing  rich online and social information about locations.  An augmented reality idea. Which works best in areas with rich information  density. They write in a recent release:

"... We're proud to announce that the Tagwhat iPhone app has reached #22 in Travel in the iTunes App Store.  Additionally, major updates to Tagwhat's on-line publishing tools and mobile application for iPhone and Android.

How many clicks does it take to deliver rich web content to any spot on Earth in Tagwhat? Oh, about three or four.  Tagwhat's new 'Tag it' button is a simple bookmark for your web browser. Click on it as you surf the web, and the media you find is quickly directed to the real world places you choose. Get your Tag it button free at http://publish.tagwhat.com and start creating a mobile tour with your favorite content in no time flat.

New notifications settings in Tagwhat are like a friendly tour guide tapping you on the shoulder when you're about to pass something great.  Let Tagwhat share stories about your surroundings everyday or when you've marked them 'Want to Go.' .... 

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