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Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Emergence of Precision Retailing

ReadwriteWeb Calls it:
 SAP's Creepy New Retail Software Uses Big Data To Make You Buy More Stuff.    Tailoring promotions to mobile shopper needs in the store.

Predicted it was inevitable.  We have thought about it for a decade. Though have not had the chance to take a closer look yet.  While the article call's it creepy, it is an inevitable outcome of more data and more precise and timely data available.  Consumers come into the store armed with devices and retailers will have the ability to better feed them with products that suit their needs.  It is indeed the long expected 'virtual salesperson'.  More interesting yet will be the data that comes back from the devices, the analytics that includes the shopper behavior of buying choice.

" .... SAP's product is a new implementation of its upcoming NetWeaver Cloud called SAP Precision Retailing that uses the consumer's location, social profile, needs and the time at which they are conducting their business to generate relevant content (including discounts and special deals) designed to get that particular consumer to make the purchases the retailer desires. Technology, then, as virtual salesperson.... "

More on SAP Precision Retailer.  Which they say aims to Deliver personalized shopping experiences that drive revenue growth and inspire consumer loyalty.

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