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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Design of Business

Recently brought to my attention again:  Roger Martin's 2009 book: The Design of Business, Why Design Thinking is the next competitive Advantage.  It has bee on my list for a long time, but forgotten.  Chapter 4 : Transforming the Corporation The Design of Procter & Gamble.   This details the addition of formal design functions to P&G.   I was there at the start of this process.   I am a big believer in design processes. I am less certain the the same design skills that can be used to design products can also be used to design or design re-design corporations.  Corporations survive and thrive via their monetary interfaces, not their external design appeal.  More to follow as I review. I no longer have a book budget, so if you would like a book mentioned here, send it along to me.

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