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Monday, October 01, 2012

Print Your Own Replacement Parts

A move forward in 3-D printing.  " ... Want a new part for your synthesizer? Need a replacement knob or dial? In a first, one company is telling its customers to just print their own. It’s a move that signifies a major step into a new commercial marketplace, where customers can buy products directly from companies for on-demand, at-home manufacturing. And while we probably won’t see complicated, mechanical products from big corporations reaching us through Thingiverse for a while yet, knobs and dials are the perfect static, detachable objects to begin the movement. ... "

Again I think there is still some issue with doing this for all but the simplest parts,  the service could be moved  to the obvious players, like Kinkos, which could have the machines and raw materials available on demand.  Expect it to be more common.

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